Finding the ‘you’ in your art                                                       

Venue: Nottingham Society of Artists

Saturday 12th-Sunday 13th March

9:45 – 4pm

Price: £150.00

If you’ve been copying or following the style of other artists but long to paint something unique to you, then you will want to join this workshop. You will need to come with an enquiring mind and a sense of discovery! You will also need to do a little homework before you attend!

This is not your normal workshop, in that you may not go away with a finished painting or completely formed idea. The workshop is designed for people to discover what they love about art and help them take the first steps to discover a joy in creating and find their own distinctive style.

We will ask questions such as, what really matters to me? What inspires me? And consider how we use this information to make our art unique to us. In the age of social media, where we are enticed to follow the crowd, this workshop aims to help you identify your individuality and the value there is in that. After all there is no-one else in the world exactly like you!

This workshop is very close to Lorna’s heart. The idea was formed when she worked in a homeless hostel, helping men and women find hope through art. Through the project, she saw individuals transformed, gaining confidence in life and their creativity. She realised that art spoke so much more when the author created the piece from their own uniqueness and perspective.

Using your sketch book to create a painting             

 Friday 22nd April

Venue: Nottingham Society of Artists

9:45 – 4pm

Price: £75.00

Are you someone who launches straight into a painting and then gets stuck, do you wish you had a freer style, or do you do lots of sketches but don’t know how to paint them? If so, then this is the workshop for you!

The process will begin with a sketch, this could be from a photo or objects you wish to draw from. Lorna will then help you engage your memory and imagination, to prepare preliminary colour studies before creating a painting, solely from your original sketch. This is more about the process than the medium, so please feel free to choose a medium you are confident with i.e. watercolours, acrylics, oil paint, pastel.

The aim of this workshop is to help you form a process to create from sketches to studio paintings and help you create in a fresh approach which is unique to you. You will need to have some experience; this is not a beginner’s class.

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