The Studio Experience

Why have you developed the studio experience?

The studio is a space for ideas and imagination, a place of discovery and experimentation, somewhere where failure and success sit side by side. It is a place of creativity! Most people do not see this but only the triumphant painting that is presented on the gallery wall, hence for many people the studio is a place of fascination and curiosity.

The Lorna Hamilton Studio Experience gives individual’s an opportunity to visit and not only see and understand my process of working but also allows them to enter their own artist’s journey.

What makes these sessions different from other classes?

Unlike group classes ‘The Studio Experience’ allows you the opportunity to paint alongside me. This is how most art students learnt in the past.  The session will be specifically tailored to your learning goals and gives you space and time to think, process ideas, and ask questions specific to your own style or way of working.

I’ve been walking the journey of being an artist for over 25 years, that’s over 52,000 hours painting! But even though I’m teaching others, I’m still learning from others too! This keeps my work fresh and fills me with enthusiasm for what I do. As well as gaining skills in these sessions, I want you to leave bubbling with excitement for the next stage of your art journey!

What will I learn?

More than anything I want to share with you my knowledge of painting so that you will find your art more enjoyable and fruitful. Practicing is very important but being taught the skills to handle colour, understand form and see the relationships between objects can be transformational to your work and your attitude towards it. As well as gaining skills, I want to encourage and inspire you in your art!

Who is it for?

The great thing about these sessions is that they are for any level of ability. So, if you’re terrified of drawing or want to up your skills, the session can be tailored to your specific requirements. The studio will provide you with a safe and comfortable place to learn.

Additional information:

Accessibility: Unfortunately, the studio is not wheelchair accessible as my studio is situated on the second floor of an old building. (You will need to be able to climb 2 flights of stairs). Please contact me if this is a problem for you.

These are designed as 1-1 sessions however, if you would like to discuss a small-group session please contact me.

Food and drink are not provided, however please feel free to bring your own refreshments.

To book please use this link or contact me via email:

3 hour Studio Experience: £105.00 (materials included)

Full Day Studio Experience: £200.00 (materials included)

90 minute Children’s Session-under 14: £40 (materials included)

 1:1 Mentoring Online session:  £35 per hour or please contact me for a block booking or to purchase gift vouchers.