Expressions of Prayer

Expressions of prayer are a series of paintings were I allow myself to communicate in a meditative way, through the use of colour, shape and mark making. Prayer often consists of words, formulated from emotion and experience, and is communicated in a structured and systematic way . My paintings of prayer communicate the same emotion and experience but allow me to express myself in a way that is unique to me, stepping away from the traditional verbal response and embracing a creative language from my inner being.

The panel on which the paintings are created is aluminium. This shiny surface radiates the colour in a illuminous way, reminiscent of stained glass windows.  The reflective quality also communicates the essence in which these paintings were created.

A Scattering of Gold, Oil on aluminium, 50cm x 50cm, £395.00 unframed

‘Linger’, 40cm x 40cm, Oil on aluminium, £275.00 unframed

An expression of prayer, 50cm x 50cm, Oil on aluminium, £395.00 unframed

Woven Curiosity, 40cm x 40cm, Oil on aluminium, £275.00