Funding award to the Falkland Islands

Lorna Hamilton has been awarded funding to travel to the Falkland Islands in 2022. Lorna, assisted by Falklands artist, Louise Clarke will run workshops and nature walks as well as train teachers and children over a 4 week period, helping them to engage with nature through creativity.

The purpose of the funding awarded by ‘The Shackleton Foundation’ is to enhance the quality of life of the Islanders, increasing knowledge and promoting new skills and activities. Lorna said, ‘I love working with individuals to improve their ability to draw and see. It is an important skill to be able to observe what is around us. Often our lives are busy, and we rush from one place to the next and take little notice of what is around us. However, when we engage in drawing, it allows us to stop, be still, and really take time to observe, think and imagine. Many people no not consider themselves to be good at art, however with some guidance and encouragement, individual’s flourish in confidence and ability, empowering them to continue their creative journey.’

‘For in the end, we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we have been taught.’                                                                                 Baba Dioum


It has been proven through many studies of the benefits to being outdoors in nature. Inhaling fresh air, hearing silence, or encountering nature and wildlife, all contribute to our mental and physical well-being. When this activity is shared with others it takes on a deeper dimension of healing. It starts to create connection, build relationship, and eventually creates community.

All these elements are valuable, and if combined, they become a powerful tool to help people flourish and grow individually and collectively.