The Next Chapter

When people look at what I paint, I want them to see not what is in front of them but what is in my mind! For it is there that you will really get to know me as an artist. But that is not possible, hence my task and endeavour is to communicate my thoughts to you, the viewer. Sometimes however those thoughts seem somewhat fragmented. The best way I can describe to you my artist’s mind is through this analogy. I have a thinking shelf. On it are jars filled with visions of what I want to paint, messages or truths I believe are important to say or simply a desire to communicate my story. Some have been on that shelf for 20 years. I take them down from time to time, or when I have a moment of inspiration, handle them, then put them back on the shelf, not quite sure what to do with them.



This is the artist’s journey, gaining a visual language so that we can communicate those thoughts and concepts. Recently I have been working on this language. It is a language of freedom and expression, vastly different to my previous style of tightness and control. If you look in my current portfolio, you will see paintings of fruit, flowers etc, these are the equivalent of me learning the alphabet of a new language, my language, which is uniquely me.

Art is a journey. It is a journey of discovering the self, either through my process of making or your process of seeing. That is why it is important to create from a place of authenticity and perhaps dare I say it imperfection. Painting to impress others with one’s great artistic skill is rooted in pride and I confess consumes the early part of my career!  But this is a journey too. The stripping away of self to paint as me. With authenticity comes vulnerability, it reveals the soul of who I am.



As I enter my next chapter and body of work, I hope to take down the jars of the shelf and embrace them whether they make sense or not! I want to my paintings to communicate story with a freedom of expression. Through them, I want to ask questions of identity, journey, connection, and hope. Please keep an eye on my journey and see how my work progresses!

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